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Freeriding, freestyling and freewaving

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Alex of

Welcome to! I am Alex, the guy behind this new blog dedicated to the art of windsurfing. I simply love the sport and the challenges it offers, even after nearly 16 years on the water. There is always something new to learn!

I would  characterise myself as an advanced freerider and bump & jumper, but want to progress in order to be able to call myself a freestyler and a freewaver, hence the name – to cover all three disciplines.

My favourite and home spot is Schinias / Marathonas beach (map), a short drive north-east of Athens, Greece. It is a significant historic place, as the Battle of Marathon, 490 BC , took place in the bay and on the shores here. The spot is pretty good for freeriding and bump & jump, but waveriders will be rather disappointed, as the topography of the bay effectively hinders bigger waves in most wind directions.

As this is my first post, and no pre-written content exists I am curious as to where this will lead. My plan at the moment is to document some of my progress, and combine it with everyday windsurfing tips, tricks and observations – useful for the experienced (but probably not for the professional) windsurfer. Everything based on my own experience.

I hope you as a reader will find my blog interesting, and I want to make this blog as two-way as possible – so questions, comments, corrections, tips or anything on your mind will always be mostly welcome!

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Catch you on the water!